Rampant Pirate S2E8: Caulk Jokes, T-Rex Fight Club, and FLORIDA MAN!

This week on the RAMPANT PIRATE:  A metal artist gets elected to his Oslo city suburb city council against his will, a man gets stung in the balls and does it again FOR SCIENCE, and Caulk Jokes!


Norweigian Metal artist elected against his will 

Man gets stung in the balls, does it again for science

T-Rex Fight Club! 

Gay Stripping Playlist

Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm


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Rampant Pirate S2E7: Loving yourself and having it your way, Sex with Vans, and Bad Improv!

Rampant Pirate S2E7: Loving yourself and having it your way, Sex with Vans, and Bad Improv!  THIS WEEK on the RAMPANT PIRATE!

We welcome back our show from a small hiatus in style with a slew of dumb topics!

Man has embarassing video, tries to destroy the internet

Guy loves himself

Uses own wanted poster for FB profile

McChicken What?!

When woman’s feet go hurting, the woman calls the ambulance:

Here’s the AUDIO!

Child Cannibalism

Vladimir Putin ARRESTED!

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LJ S1E8: No Man’s Sky, CoD: Roman Wars, STO’s New Expansion, and MORE!

No Man’s Sky is Aug 9th! STO’s Agents of Yesterday, CoD: Roman Wars, and MORE!  THIS WEEK.


Games coming out on PS

No Man’s Sky is COMING! Aug 9th in NA and 10th in EU

Activision rejected WHAT? Call of Duty: Roman Wars

Star Trek: Agents of Yesterday Trailer

STO News

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RP S2E6: Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Leaks while we are recording, Pokemon Go, and so much more!

The Rampant Pirate Season 2, Episode 6:  We hear it first, the new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer drops while we are recording and we totally geek out.  Then we talk about Pokemon Go and how morons are still, inexplicably, being morons with something.  Plus A LOT more!  This week!

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Kylo Ren Outtakes!

Poor Girl Finds Body

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Rampant Pirate S2E5: Pharma-Bro’s MTG Quest and the History of Tentacle Porn

Season 2 Episode 5: 

This week, Jim, Nick, and Jacquie talk about Pharma Bro’s new quest, Pokemon Go and it’s zombifying effects, Ken Ham’s Dino-Ark, and an impromptu history lesson of Tentacle Porn!

Pharma-Bro wants Magic Cards:


Pokemon Go makes you a zombie:


Ken Ham’s Ark in KY has….*heavy sigh*….Dinosaurs.


Star Trek Hikaru Sulu comes out as Gay according to John Cho.


Japanese tentacle thing has been around for a long…. Long time (NSFW) :




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RP S2E4: Game of Thrones Woes, Pirates under Playgrounds, Mace Windu and MORE!

The Rampant Pirate S2E4:

Jim, Nick, and Jacquie talk about the *spoilers!* the last 2 seasons of Game of Thrones.  Also, a potential slightly assumed dead Pirate is enough to make this show because we are Pirates as well!  Mace Windu might be Alive, James Cameron says some dumb things and we cap it off with some UNICORNS!  This week on the RAMPANT PIRATE!!


The End is Nigh for Game of Thrones (but in the best possible way!):

Pirate Remains found under Playground where Gallows once stood:

Mace Windu Lives!! (maybe):

James Cameron’s take on JJ Abrams Ep. 7 and why he’s wrong:

Fishy Fishy Fishhhhyy: https://youtu.be/UGBZnfB46es

George RR Martin is God:


Unicorn Horns: https://youtu.be/5qDsqPaJht0


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The Rampant Pirate S2E3: Beards, Guns, Pansy Journalists and Word Replacement!

The Rampant Pirate Season 2, Episode 3

The Rampant Pirates discuss the week!  Beards, Guns, Pansy Journalists that claim PTSD, and we play the Word Replacement game with dirty words!  This week on THE RAMPANT PIRATE!

Pansy Journalist

I refuse to give the New York Times the link.  Eff those guys for giving credibility to this story.


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Loose Joystick Ep 7: The Loose Joystick Episode 7: More Video Games as we talk about Destiny’s Rise of Iron, The Division’s Expansion, and more!

The Loose Joystick Episode 7: More Video Games as we talk about Destiny’s Rise of Iron, The Division’s Expansion, and more!

We talk about some PC releases upcoming that interest John, and then we dive into some Rise of Iron and hopefully some cross-platform play!

Hosts: Jim, Nick, Jacquie, John, and Josh

Rise of Iron

Music: Ross Bugden

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The Loose Joystick S1E6: E3 Highlights! Mass Effect Andromeda, God of War, and Detroit Become Human

S1E6: E3 Highlights!  Mass Effect Andromeda, God of War, and Detroit Become Human

Jim and John get together to talk about some games at this year’s E3!  We discuss the new Mass Effect: Andromeda, the new aesthetic and gameplay of the new God of War, and the extremely interesting decision-based drama Detroit Become Human!


Detroit Become Human: https://youtu.be/QD1pbWCJcKQ


God Of War PS4: https://youtu.be/CJ_GCPaKywg


Mass Effect: Andromeda: https://youtu.be/y2vgHOXeps0


Friday the 13th Gameplay: https://youtu.be/UwwEraTseqU


John challenges JIm to a Mass Effect Showdown!! If the new Andromeda ME game is a prequel, Jim has to pay John $100.  If it’s the other way around and it has nothing to do with Shepard and it’s a new game, John has to pay Jim $100.  GAME ON MOFO.

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RP S2E2: – Pig People, Policeman Break up a fight then Karaokes in a Gay bar, and the Acronym Game!


Pig people


Policeman gets called to Gay bar to end Fight, ends up singing I will Survive


Friends use Dead Friend to Catch Fish Monster

Mike Lewis drew up the Featured Image!  Thanks Mike!

Acronym Game!  John Goes First!

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