A late update!

It’s late, so let’s update!

The podcast is coming along swimmingly and we are having a great time making it. We’re doing a decent job of nailing down consistent times and each episode we produce is markedly better than the last!

Thanks for listening!

We are considering doing a couple of additional podcasts as well. One is purely about video games, specifically Destiny.

The other is a pet project of mine. Years ago, I created a fantasy world, full of political intrigue, terrorism, assassinations, magic, and more with the goal of a published fantasy book series. I’m no novelist, but I think I can have some success in an audio narrative. This is as much as I can say about it right now, but I’m very excited for this one!

Additionally, here is the Poem that Jacquie read aloud on… I believe it was episode 3:



I’m not a poet, but this hit my Doctor Who iambic pentameter perfectly.

Thanks for listening to the podcast, and it will only get better!

Onwards and Upwards,