The Rampant Pirate Episode 2: Pens, American Gladiators, and Fantastic Four was Terrible!

Fancy Pens, Fantastic 4 2 is gratefully dead, Rhino sex, Monkey bananas eating, The Division, Drones, Michiel hasn’t seen American Gladiators, We’re Totally American and Michiel Corrects our bad American Accents, Moms and garages and MORE!


Links: – Monkey eating bananna like a boss – American Gladiator commentary – Kevin Smith Recounts his Superman Lives script


The Rampant Pirate: Episode 1: More Hosts, More Awesome!

Episode 1 is Live!  We’re now live on iTunes and Google Play so be sure to subscribe!

This week we cover Suicide Squad, Jacquie’s stomach cheese problems, Destiny d-bags, Jim’s never seen Zombieland, DBZ-abridged, background Minecraft and more!

Music by Ross Bugden.  Check out his work at for more awesome tracks!

Pertinent links: – Aladdin is in…THE FUTURE! – You can be Boba Fett!  I know I want to be. – The best flamethrower on the market.  Period. – Jeep-turned-into-truck that Nick is salivating over!

EPISODE 0 BETA: The Official Rampant Pirate Podcast Premiere

We are proud (kind of) to present this super rough, super BETA episode of The Rampant Pirate!  Join us as we discuss amazing topics like, “Tickling Buttholes and it’s Serial Perpetrators”  and “Matt Damon,” though those aren’t connected except by a segue.  We hope that you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed producing it!

Enjoy, good friends!